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Adventure Diplomacy is a program that combines leadership and the outdoors, generating a transformative experience for the leaders of tomorrow.

Climbers who conquered Caucasus

Climbing in the Caucasus will prepare you for anything. The majestic peaks have been enticing climbers from all over the world for a long...

The Caucasus adventure: 16 young leaders team up at over 3000 metres

Romania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldavia, Turkey and Ukraine are the 8 countries represented in the Black Sea Network Project. 16 young leaders coming from...

How to encourage fellows to express their ideas and feelings in a constructive way

The basis of any relationship is trust. Trusting that you won’t be left behind, trusting your life in someone else’s hands and allowing yourself...
Alpinistul Tiberiu Pintilie i-a înmânat ministrului Bogdan Aurescu Drapelul României pe care l-a arborat luna trecută pe cel mai înalt vârf muntos din America de Nord, Mt. McKinley( 6,194 m),

Adventure And Diplomacy

Today climber Tiberiu Pintilie handed the Romanian Flag to  Minister Bogdan Aurescu, the same flag that was honored last month on the highest peak of North...