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25 Reasons to go Hiking around Nepal and the Himalayas

It was rightly said by great traveler Suraj Dahal “You can take my body out of Nepal but you can never take my heart...

Adventurer’s Survival Guide in the Wild

Being outdoorsy has become a lifestyle trend nowadays, with a prosperous industry blooming around it. We all like to think that if we buy...

Gabriela Szabo

Gabriela Szabo, Romanian Athlete

10 Business principles explored at over 8000m in the Himalayas

  1. Pick only The Best People to join you This is probably the most important one. Both in a great adventure and in a new...

Octavian Bellu

Everestul personal al ambasadorului Everest Romania – Octavian Bellu, antrenorul lotului roman de gimnastica feminina.

Iashington Conference

IASHINGTON 2014 aims to create a one week international environment where you candiscover, explore and shape your leadership talents and skills so they can transform and help you leave your mark on the world around you.

News from Tien Shan

Two days ago Adi and Dani decided to spend the night in Camp 3, too tired after the ascent to pack and head towards 6400m again in the opposite direction. With the weather situation so out of hands, all the local guides decided to descend ("close the mountain")...

The Boys are back in Town

Adi, Dani and Misha are landing tomorrow evening in Bucharest. If you want to welcome them back we'll gather at 8:50pm on Otopeni. Guys, we can't wait to see you and hear all about Tian Shan!

The Hardest Decision

Adi and Dani left Camp 3 (5900m) at 4am this morning towards the Khan Tengri Peak (7010m). When they got to 6400m the local guides closed the mountain. There is so much snow and the wind is so powerful that going further would be way too dangerous...

The Moment Has Come

Sickness, cold, pneumonia, diarrhea, dehydration we faced them all. Unfortunately, Misha's heath does not allow him to make effort at higher altitudes without a bag of pills, as he is daily vomiting, in a battle with his bitter gall. He will stay in the Basecamp, hoping to recover in the next days...