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Altitude Today – 5500m

As some of you already know, in the basecamp the guys got together with another Romanian Alpinist - Daniel Toader, also known as "Harciogu" among friends :). They are together now, heading towards the Khan Tengri Peak...

Finally Some Good Weather

During the past days the boys climbed to Camp 1 and then Camp 2. They had to endure constant snowing, crazy wind and large amounts of fresh snow every morning (approx 1 meter). Today, the message from them said they finally had a day with good weather and, after a climb of 7 hours, they are now in Camp 3 (5 900 m)...

Camp 1 – 4750m

After a couple of eventful days we are back with updates... This week, Adi Rusu experienced first hand what it means to get medical treatment in Kyrgyzstan. Fortunately, he is now safe, back home and he will recover soon completely...


We landed in Kyrgyzstan at 5:30, local hour, after a very nice flight with Turkish Airlines. Although we didn't manage to sleep much, we have eaten well and we're all feeling good...

Istanbul – passing by in another expedition to Asia

Thanks to Cosmin (from FreshHolidays) and to having the Ultrabook (from Intel) with us, we managed yesterday to finish with all the craziness with the visa quite fast, spending afterwards our time in the beautiful Istanbul...

Khan Tengri Base Camp – North Side

We knew from the beginning that the altitude of the basecamp is higher than normal due to the specifics of the mountain and that proper aclimatization is crucial...

Peak Lenin – 7134m – Romanian Success

Peak Lenin - 7134m - Romanian Success

Azau, the base of Elbrus

The mountains in front of us grew bigger and bigger, and from the distance, we saw the first glaciers. We reached the Scheherazade Hotel, the one owned by Pilgrim Tours, at first time in the morning, about 7:00 am.