Acasă Expeditii News from Tien Shan

News from Tien Shan

News from Tien Shan

Great news from Tian Shan

Two days ago Adi and Dani decided to spend the night in Camp 3, too tired after the ascent to pack and head towards 6400m again in the opposite direction. With the weather situation so out of hands, all the local guides decided to descend (“close the mountain”).

The night has been one with avalanches only minutes away one from the other and large amounts of fresh snow. The wind was so strong that even in the Basecamp Misha told us that several tents were torn, the wind ripping their material, even his tent.

We received today the great news that they managed to descend yesterday to Camp 1 and today to the Basecamp. They should now be safe, travelling by helicopter to Karkara, then to Bishkek.

With how dangerous Khan Tengri is and all that happened in the past month, we cannot wait to hear about all the experience from the boys. The mountain will be there next year as well for the peak! Adi, Dani, Misha we cannot wait to see you on the airport in Bucharest!

Congrats for Peak Chapayev, for all the experience and for surviving a month of crazy weather, health issue and local “delights”!