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Adventure Diplomacy is a program that combines leadership and the outdoors, generating a transformative experience for the leaders of tomorrow. Young people learn what life in the wilderness means, translating this extreme experience into lifelong knowledge.

The out-of-this-world expeditions and adventures are recommended only for physically fit participants, equipped with good training, proper equipment and the right state of mind. The safety of the team is our first and foremost care.

We do what we preach so we help our teams understand themselves, collaborate and communicate, remain united and come out of any predicament together. Our online followers will also feel part of the team and will be able to seeĀ our experiences and share in the knowledge through articles and constant updates.

Our activities are a metaphor for struggle, passion and hard work.

We push ourselves to the max so we can discover new limits. In sports, in decision making, in life.

Join in on the adventure!