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Science Classroom Supplies


The science class room is an area for the student to execute plenty of investigation, and it may be intimidating to to come across the appropriate collection of materials.

It is important to make certain the substances are appropriate as well as overwhelming for students that are not utilized to undertaking study. This is going to make studying fun for everyone and make teaching more enjoyable.

To begin with, you’re need to acquire your hands onto some great set of substances. You want to get some superior lab notebooks and some experiment bags. These will keep your work organized and neat so that you don’t need to be concerned about the jumble of a cluttered laboratory. They make excellent practice projects in the event that you wish to maintain them around following your science course is all more and provide pupils something http://dev.emge.edu.br/mail-order-brides-from-sweden/ to accomplish during the day.

If you are teaching biology, you will need some biology labs. All these are easy to build and will be used along with some text books and materials. You will find plenty of on the web labs which will enable students to generate their own labs, that they may study in their very own moment. Students may perform those labs at their library and sometimes even their houses, making them more even completely undetected.

In the event you are teaching chemistry, then then you’re going to want to get some chemistry labs. Chemistry labs are very useful because they might support students learn about the properties of assorted chemicals. In addition, there are a number of sites that provide labs, so so students can make their own and study them in their very own speed. There are also books which will be able to help you learn more in regards to the features of many different chemicals.

In the event you instruct math, then you’re going to want to get some science lab kits to assist students learn more about different aspects of mathematics. The kits typically include all required, for example laboratory publications, experiment totes and examine tubes. Many of those kits include videos showing students just how exactly to do their own experiments.

Students really like to create down their ideas and notes that they could remember them later. They also like the notion of using a notebook which they could maintain in their desk or bookshelf. The trick is always to make sure that college pupils are familiar with writing about such notebooks, so they believe that this is a part of these life. This will make sure they are more successful when it concerns the real world, and when it regards their livelihood.

Whenever you are attempting to produce a mathematics classroom, then you will find tons of supplies that you’ll need. That is found at your community bookstore. Additionally you may like to contemplate purchasing the materials by means of an internet store. This way, as you are going to find more number, also you’re able to avoid spending money on shipping. Some on-line stores even give discounts on certain items so that you are able to purchase more than one.

Always keep in your mind that you do not need to purchase every thing from your start. You will find plenty of great tools for getting these materials in an reasonable cost and locating them on line at discount prices, as well. You might get a wonderful set of stuff for less than you’d pay for them.

1 thing which creates a science class room different by a typical class is that you never have to decide on what time of day your pupils are taught. You have to attend before a specific time every semester. In general, pupils learn better if taught in the morning and day, but this isn’t always probable with science courses. A fantastic way to make items easier would be to get a lesson plan or map out a collection of lessons, therefore that you can prepare each and every one time.

Some times, educators will suggest that college students write out questions prior to a lesson is educated. In the event that you fail to afford to print these out, you can bring a pen and paper to ensure you may write the answers to the questions that students ask. And then post the query’s answers on line.

You’ll find plenty of science classroom stuff you may get at no cost. From the internet, such as on the web science campuses which require only a couple clicks of the mouse plus only just a little bit of research. You might even get quite a few of fantastic quality science equipment out of bookstores and other internet sites such as cheap.

A superior science instructor also gives you awards to pupils who can be found first in some of these experiments. All these are prizes which students may employ to earn a project and on occasion maybe to present with their science fair judges. Science teachers also give lots of college student awards for the best projects.

Leadership Growth Australia


Direction improvement in Australia is regrettably some thing to that many lip service is compensated, with the real depths of what pushes someone’s professional leadership personality usually left .

Too frequently we view motivational leaders such as Tony Abbott, John Howard and Kim Beazley espouse the idea of leadership because a certain form of mysterious power, but in fact their ability is due to the own experience and vision of the who have held it all. Too often we see that the self-aggrandising pioneer, whose own personal style may be the standard of his or her creation, however, those leaders are infrequently contrary to the production themselves that would be the leaders that are real.

If direction progress in Australia is going to be such a thing other than a one size fits all strategy, then we must get started asking ourselves a few issues. It’d seem that way too a number of us accept that the standard template of leaders from our country’s history as the only effective strategy forwards. In fact, what we desire is an approach which can take the exceptional styles and personalities of each leader and produce a feeling that supports and celebrates that character.

Unfortunately, way too a number folks have begun to think of direction growth in Australia through the lens of older standards which aren’t sustainable for today’s desires. We need a modern, sustainable system that integrates different features of leadership such as emotional intelligence, group growth and private improvement. It requires we be able to consider beyond the package in a way that can’t be performed by looking straight back at years past in order to correctly know the a variety of types of leadership within our culture and we can develop the finest possible versions of this appropriate sort of leadership for the future.

We are in need of leaders that may know their crowds improved. It may not be obvious for you but if you are a company owner you are the absolute most influential individual on your business enterprise, and so in the event that you lack that particular touch that the very most effective leaders have, you’ll find your organisation floundering and not able to https://clubessay.com/ compete in the present market. The exact same applies to teachers, government as well as different organisations as well. As a way to guide effectively, we all want those that possess a clear understanding of these audience along with their environment, and who also can communicate using a credibility which produces a relationship with people who they lead.

Leadership growth in Australia is a fascinating area to be, yet too a number folks are reluctant to move outside the carton. For example, many men and women are hesitant to talk openly in their own challenges and problems as they believe that doing this is going to academic writing service result in ridicule or criticism, when actually this is just a major obstacle to obtaining change.

The truth is that shift in our modern society is a lot more prevalent than most of us would want to acknowledge, but it will not take place in a reaction to some thing out ourselves. Individuals are forced to make difficult thesis writer choices for really excellent reasons, while that’s because they’ve made the wrong choice in a relationship, either a neglected business or because they will have found themselves out of effort and are not able to provide a solution to some pressing problem.

Not only that, they are made to make difficult choices within their own lives due to conditions beyond their own control. If we have leaders that are afraid to discuss these matters, chances are homework helper they have been less inclined to want to be able to encourage the others around them to help them reach.

We are in need of leaders that can listen to the others who can listen to us. When we begin to speak up about our fears and failures, then we’re going for permission to admit and essay writers honor our views. It’s only once we let go of any kind of defensiveness which we may genuinely see change happen place. Leadership growth in Australia can be an exciting area to be, and you are guaranteed to locate a set of likeminded persons who can talk about a few great experiences and suggestions to help you attain your own personal achievement.

Kithchen Science Review – Just How Kithchen Science Can Allow You to


Kithchen Science could be the greatest guide on the best method to understand more regarding how exactly to cure your human body’s chronic illness.

From influenza, to arthritis, to diabetes, you’ll locate information that is of good use in this highly-praised publication that gives you reasonable guidelines and teaches you all of the most effective ways to control your health.

The publication starts by defining exactly what it means to”know.” Additionally you will know what the words mean in their circumstance and the reason why they are employed within this publication. This will allow you to comprehend the concept of how”figuring out” and can help you make a better informed choice.

Certainly one of those first matters that you will learn from the publication is how to search for issues with your physique. By this time, you will learn how to utilize”science” in managing your entire body and its own diseases. Kithchen Science also demonstrates certain therapy options work and how they could benefit you.

The truth is that the publication has many sections that make clear how the body’s systems have been made up. That is important because it will enable one to see where you need to go in order to address a certain disease or situation. By way of example, if you should be fed up with having to cope with your https://www.tenderonifoods.com/our-recipes/spaghetti/turkey-tetrazzini persistent illness all of the time, you’ll find how you can carry to the road to recovery.

Along with studying how your body approaches do the job, Kithchen Science will help you comprehend the reason you do not respond exactly the same to precisely exactly the very same treatment as others. If you are bored of taking medications that simply don’t appear to work, this book can help you identify a number of solutions to treat your serious illness.

Kithchen Science additionally discusses the method that you can restrain your condition and the way to make sure that it remains from getting worse. Including learning how to modify your eating habits and physical exercise routine so as to overcome your illness.

By modifying your customs and finding out just how to eat right and exercise, you can develop into a much healthier lifestyle, that may enhance the caliber of one’s everyday life. Besides figuring out just how to oversee your wellbeing, Kithchen Science will likewise help you develop an awareness of responsibility on your own life.

Since you may see, the publication is packed with practical info and useful information that anyone may utilize. To improve the grade of your own lifetime and live healthier.

When you’re looking for a wonderful book to improve your wellbeing, you should definitely think about Kithchen Science. You will discover many intriguing things in this book and also understand how to oversee your serious state effectively.

Besides learning how your body’s strategies operate, you will likewise be able to find out more about the very most useful means of cure designed for your specific disease. Kithchen Science also supplies you with a list of typical http://budgetlightforum.com/node/70945 disorders as well as their treatment choices.

As you are able to discover this novel in a fair cost, you will possibly think about getting it in digital form https://www.seoclerk.com/faq/29817/Build-your-blog-over-time-and-it-won-t-seem-like-a-burden which means that you wont need to continue running to locate the book. Whenever you need it.

This is just really a good book to read and to share with your friends. In the event you have not read any novels on health and illness, you should really give you a try out.

I know you may delight in the knowledge you are going to get from this particular novel. I understand you’ll find out a number of things on the way the own body functions and around curing your ailment.

You can https://www.fusionknots.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8144 find assorted different topics that are covered in the book. I specially liked that the information http://www.schlafen-aktuell.de/forum/members/miaka14.html about managing chronic illness. The publication handles a lot of details that’s very helpful to the majority of persons.

I read throughout the guide a couple times until I started producing a novel review sites. I found that a lot of information could be heard from this novel without being forced to really read it.

Consequently, if you’re interested in understanding about that particular publication, then you can check out my novel review website below. For a lot much more comprehensive information on Kithchen Science along with also the various topics it insures.

Writing a Superior Personal Record For Your Job That You Want


When getting ready for the graduate-school personal statement, you should choose the opportunity to be too clear and concise as possible, to create the a lot of the opportunities which are available to you within the applications you will be submitting

This will help make a favourable impression on the admissions team and also your prospective academics too.

An graduate school personal announcement, or any type of app composition, however, could be the possiblity to demonstrate the admissions staff what it is that you’re constructed from. They will need to understand how you have in your graduate application, what your educational aims are and why you are applying to Test their own graduate faculty. The application form essay is their chance to convey them in as persuasive ways as you possibly can, thus be equally as compelling and as transparent as possible.

Graduate school is a fun period on your life, however it’s also a opportunity to think about what you want from it. If you want to be a teacher, then the composing procedure for your private announcement will focus primarily about instructing. If you intend to be an academic writer, the academic writing process will likely probably be focused on writing a thesis, research paper, or study document. As you are still grad and commence looking at graduate faculty programs, you will find the curriculum and school environment shift.

The key to making the most of your own energy and effort with your adviser when establishing your private invoice is always to ask concerns for yourself concerning what it’s you hope to achieve by composing your statement. What should you aspire to achieve? Exactly why are you doing this? What would be your goals and how are they associated to this graduate application you’re applying to?

The goal of the personal statement is really to produce this type of record that will be examine by the admissions committee, but at an identical period, a record that is also easy to understand. Put simply, the individual announcement doesn’t have to be challenging, but must be succinct and clear enough to convey your thoughts . Your invoices do not have to become one page long either.

It’s crucial to comprehend how your creating may reap the admissions officer and also the graduate faculty. Writing your own announcement can allow you to produce a good academic standing for yourself, and it can present your curiosity in the area you’re thinking about looking for. In certain instances, it might even become a superior concept to include a personal suggestion letter from your previous professor. On your graduate faculty software.

You should be aware that should you choose to include a recommendation letter, then it is going to soon be read by others. You should also be aware the admissions officer can be a human becoming and certainly can read the announcement and your recommendation letter. Therefore, the exclusive declaration you publish will probably need to become clear and concise as possible. You also ought to avoid having too many info in the application form essays, and keep to a certain format. Maintain the article short, candy, and also importantly.

To further show your interest on your grad school, you may even discover that it’s of use to compose a cover letter to accompany your personal declaration. This will enable the admissions officer to find which you’re serious about the program you are applying to, despite the fact that it’s not vital to utilize it.

It’s important to try to remember that producing a personal statement really isn’t the end of your own application; nonetheless, it really is just one area of the total practice. The announcement is simply the beginning; the comprehensive application package incorporates letters of purpose, letters of approval, and letters of advice.

Once you have prepared your private statement, you ought to choose enough time to research and read your own school. Look up recent graduates who are similar in your field, then look in their graduate faculty. You then need to produce them letters of advice.

Graduate colleges are happy to hear from college students who want to know more about their own faculty. Do not forget that producing an astonishing personal announcement isn’t the end of one’s application with their association, but it’s only the start!

First Aid and Emergency Situations Workshop in Alta, Norway

To attend this workshop please fill out the registration form !

Your Feedback is appreciated

This event is held in partnership with:

Discovery Alta Røde Kors First Aid and Emergency SituationsStudenthuse City Alta



The Workshop is designed to provide basic knowledge and skills to perform the essential life saving techniques in either a medical emergency or a life threatening situation, natural disasters and such.

First Aid and Emergency Situations Workshop Description

  • How to prevent an accident, regardless of its nature:
    • Study case offered by Discovery Channel Romania “Colectiv” club fire disaster in which 65 persons died in 2015.
  • How to recognize a medical emergency.
  • The international “112” system: AMBULANCE, police, fireman, etc .
  • The “survival” chain;
  • What to do in Norway regarding the international system?
  • What to do when you find a person lying unconscious and how you can give first aid
  • How to do a correct cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  • How to take care of the a bleeding wound until the doctors arrive;
  • What to do in case of burns or electrocution without worsening the condition of the wounded one;
  • What to do with a person who has suffered a fracture, until the doctors arrival;
  • As you give first aid to a person who is choking;
  • How to save a person who suffered an intoxication.

Event details

  1. When: Friday, 25.11.2016, 14:00 (local time) 
  2. Where: Studentuset City Scene, Markedsgata 3 Alta, Norway
  3. Registration form 
  4. Feedback 



Black Sea Network Closing Event

The program ended on the 10th of March 2016, with the final closing conference. We had representatives from 7 Embassies and more than 10 NGOs from Romania. Thank you for your involvement and stay close for the next projects.

Closing Event – Black Sea Network – 10th of March


We are happy to announce the Black Sea Network Project was a success. More than 300.000 people were engaged by our message – that striving towards a common difficult goal brings people together and contributes to stability and cooperation on a broader level.

The closing event will take place on the 10th of March at the Sheraton Hotel in Bucharest, at 18:00, Arizona Room. We are inviting leaders, policy makers and business people from Romania and not only at our closing cocktail where we will try to find new ways to bring this message forward.

The NGO put together people from 8 countries neighboring the Black Sea (Azerbaijan, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Armenia) who spend 7 days together, in Georgia. The team reached successfully the summit of Mount Kazbek (5033m) and by doing so strengthen the relations among the participants.

The campaign and the actual expedition was held under the auspices of the Nongovernmental Association Adventure Diplomacy, dealing with cultural and adventure projects in Romania and worldwide.

If you haven’t yet received an invitation but are interested in our event please apply below to be able to participate.

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Black Sea Network – A Romanian Story

What can a man wish more than being free in the middle of the wild nature and surrounded by the most beautiful people on Earth?

Personally I am my own best friend and my worst enemy. For a long time now it is casual to have discussions on any topic, at any time, with myself. While discussing, me and my alter ego (aka P), we end up debating about freedom, limits, challenges, love, friendships, values and principles of life. Lately P kept on asking me which are my limits, how much can I get out of my comfort zone and if I am able to manage myself in sensitive and limiting situations. So… I started to think… do I actually have some limits I cannot overpass as a human being or are we meant to be autodidact and train ourselves to the next limit level without arriving to an end point? I am the kind of person who loves to learn by trying and doing. So I decided to combine something that I love and I have an expertise in, with something completely new that will challenge me to the point that I will just ask myself how did I ever think to take such a decision.

After getting a positive answer from the Adventure Diplomacy team in reference to my application for what was going to be the experience of my life, I went to the sports shop, bought a pair of hiking shoes, some merino socks, leggings and t-shirts, I ordered a 20 CHF backpack online, booked my flights and on the 15th of October I jumped on a plane to Tbilisi.

I have to mention that I left to this diplomatic expedition with no expectations! I had no clue how I will be, how I will feel; I just wanted to live in the present and be authentic. I am telling you: life with no expectations is not sad at all, it’s the best you can get from everyone and everything! It was probably the first time I actually managed to not create all kind of scenarios in my head. I just had the fear I will hate myself for the decision to join the team and having the life of a mountain person with the minimum of supplies needed, with me.

Since I live in Zurich I met the Romanian and Moldavian team in our common stop from Istanbul. The hospitality they showed from the very first second I saw them was just the beginning of what was going to be though love we all received during our stay in the mountains. The adventure started for real when we landed during the night in Tbilisi and we started to negotiate with the so called taxi drivers to take us to the apartment we had rented. Why was is that interesting? Because we were 9 people with at least two huge pieces of luggage each and we were struggling to fit in a pretty small car; the driver was pushing the luggage in all the space he could find, trying to fit it all in, but it turned out to be mission impossible so we jumped to the next level – we took two cars. We were lucky to have our beloved Olesia and Valeriu who were masters of Russian language so that saved us when we reached the street of our apartment. No name, no number. Is our reservation actually real? Or someone tricked us so now we’ll have to spend the night on the streets? Took us a while until we discovered the hidden entrance to our apartment, but that’s the fun part in exploring new cities, especially during the night, when you are exhausted after a very long flight! We were so excited that our tiredness did not have the space in our group!

We were getting closer and closer to what life in the mountains was going to be. The next day, on the 16th we did the groceries shopping for the next week and left for the village of Kazbek. The view was amazing! I am deeply impressed by the colors of nature! The mountains are all so dark reddish and the forests so colorful. You can definitely feel the fall! We are at a rural house in an old family from the village. You can smell the fire heating the house…reminds me so much of my childhood spent at my grand-grandparents  in the countryside. Everyone took their task very seriously: cooking team prepares the dinner, technical team gives very clear and helpful instructions regarding the equipment and everyone is preparing the backpack for tomorrow’s first meeting on what climbing is about. Well…getting to know what it’s about for me because is a first; it was a series of firsts.

And here we are – 17th of October first hiking day, trial day – horrible! The pretty steep mountain from one point on is just killing me slowly! I get bored of just walking, hiking…same view, all was not looking so good for me; I am very warm and next second I feel like freezing! Blah! I know I can make it, but the (discomfort) I have is pretty annoying. Maybe I will just stay home tomorrow and leave the ones with experience to hike up to 3600m. But well… when you are a team, a family, you support each other: so thank you very much Tibi and Valeriu for distracting me from my quite negative thoughts and for giving me such good and positive energy! I got to understand during the first day how much a simple gest or word can mean for a person in circumstances like that. Indeed, sharing is caring!

This experience was by far the experience of my life! I lived it and felt it with every single pore of my body. I climbed up to 4200m in Kazbek mountains, I slept in a sleeping bag for the first time, I ate “chicken soup tea”, I had my first toilette with a view (and what a view!!!), I got to know 8 different cultures and the most important I got to meet very open, different and complex people with amazing life stories. They offered me support, they shared their life, their experiences, their difficulties and happiness with me and they even shared their spoon and food with me! For almost 2 weeks I was completely disconnected from the polluted life of the city. I just enjoyed the freedom, the adventure, the people! I could be me without being judged or criticized. Everyone was one with nature, feeling it, breathing it, merging with it. We have all created a solid synergy between us, the mountains, the nature and our dreams!

During this expedition I discovered a new part of me, I pushed my limits, I started to better understand nature and why people love the mountains so much (I’m more like a summery, sea person), I started to appreciate more the simplicity and purity of life and I created a better and stronger connection with myself!

Be motivated, fight for your dreams and share your experiences, inspire people and let yourself get inspired! Be open, dare, challenge yourself! Surround yourself with beautiful people, be thankful for being blessed and take the best from all the worst! Create, live and feel your experiences.

Ana-Maria Cristina Manda (25) was one of the participants in the Black Sea Network Project. With master’s studies in law & political science, security & diplomacy and international business law, Ana-Maria is currently a legal counsel in Zurich.  As a young leader with a high interest for international relations and political science, supported by a solid background in international law, she wants to be part of the change, having the willingness to continue her job and her involvement in developing and helping the countries from the Black Sea Region.


Black Sea Network – A Moldavian Story

How I climbed my first mountain

Dear Adventure Diplomacy team, together with you I have spent a hell of a week in Georgia. After my treatment against multi drug resistant Tuberculosis this is probably the toughest challenge I was put up against and I thank you for that!

Chapter 1. The simple things

I thank you, because on journeys like this (1) you learn to appreciate at a whole new level the world around you, the people that surround you and the simple things. The comfort and the wonders of the civilized world we live in, when you flip a switch and there is light, you turn the socket and there is hot water. For the most part, there is a doctor we can go to and get treated in case of almost any health problem. You pick up your phone and you can call your loved ones or get in the car and go visit them. These are all wonderful, but unless they are taken from us, we forget to appreciate them. But also (2) you learn that we are stronger than we think, as individuals, as humans, as nations but most of all as a global community. A global community of peace and collaboration.  

Not everybody can be a climber, but I am certain everybody can try! Looking at movies and documentaries of climbers around the world I always imagined you need some sort of superpowers to do that. Looks like all you need is the courage to try it. Ok, the courage and preferably a not so short list of equipment.

Our goal was tough and climbing up, the headaches, the nausea, the fatigue and just the long hours of walking in the cold…honestly made me think about returning back to warm and comfort many times. It is painful to climb a mountain. But this journey wasn’t just about me. It was about the ones in front of you and the ones in the back, the support team and most of all the idea that our photo with the flags on top of the mountain will become a message of peace and help stop the ongoing conflicts in our homelands and we’ll have a chance to make people wonder: is any territory or belief worth the tears of our mothers and the lives of their sons – our brothers, our dads and most all the lives of our children?! Is it really?!

Chapter 2. One spork, twelve people.

We started this expedition as individuals but we summited as a team. Here in Moldavia, where I live, on both sides of the Nistru river, we have quite diverse people. Since childhood most of us already speak 2-3 languages, Russian, Romanian, Gagauz, now more often English and a few other languages. The diversity however is not an obstacle, it is an opportunity. Just like in our expedition, I wish for my country, that we all become a team. Russian speaking, Romanian speaking, Gagauz speaking, or English speaking… because if we do, we sure can climb the steepest ‘mountains’…

We did not bring a lot of cutlery with us on the mountain. Frankly, I forgot to take any. But because at least one of us took a spork we could all eat that chicken soup and THAT is what a team is for. As well, we did not bring many pots either.. so we used the same one for all courses and our ginger tea tasted like chicken soup sometimes, but that is part of the charm and made a good story to share.

Chapter 3. Basic instincts.

To the expedition I came prepared and I was sure I can physically face the challenge. The first day we went for a test hike up to 2.400 m and I did great, I was even encouraging others. Ana was not too far from me so I was sharing the excitement and the enthusiasm with her and I would like to think that keeping her talking she had less time to think about how tiring the long hike is. I am quite sure I was also showing off by jumping around on rocks and wasting energy while this was a quite strenuous hike. The second day we had to reach to base camp at 3.600 m. We started very early and I only had 2 hours of sleep. After some 5-6 hours of hiking up, a few kilometers before the hut I really started to feel the effects of the altitude on me. Even after Luci, our Duracell and forever calm organizer, took my backpack, it was so hard to walk with the nausea and fatigue and the constant yawning because of the lack of the oxygen and all I wanted to do is lay under a rock and sleep. But Ana was in front of me… and she did not lose any opportunity to encourage me, give me water, make me laugh and just keep me going. Our roles inverted. I did make it to the base camp, but thanks to her, to Luci, to the team.

I got better the day after, my heart rate was over a hundred beats per minute and I stopped yawning at every other step. Adi, our super informed and passionate organizer, gave me an aspirin and that helped too. Ultimately I felt quite good climbing to the plateau the fourth day at over 4.000 m. As we got back we had to decide who will be in the support team and who will go up, based on previous experience, fitness and our own will. I was to go up and although I had most of the necessary equipment, it wasn’t quite fancy. So, this time Olesya who is also from Moldavia and was still dealing with the mountain sickness and would’ve been in the support team at the hut, asks me if my gloves are warm enough, she gave me hers and also some hand and feet warmers. It was her equipment, but this kind of care for another person, a stranger, for a greater purpose is one of the best things in humanity that I know of. In the end we were all sharing what we had extra and were wearing each other’s jackets and sleeping in somebody else’s sleeping bag… which not only was extremely efficient but it proved to be very heartwarming and uplifting to see all this generosity and appreciation all around. That is an environment I want to live in.

I wish I could take all my compatriots on an expedition to Kazbek.

Chapter 4. 5.033 m or the aftermath.

In the night before the summit, Tibi, our resourceful and very diplomatic organizer, gave us a full training on the use of the crampons, the ice ax and a shock course on how to act in case of emergency. It was very well received as it prepared us for the things that luckily did not happen. Every few kilometers you see a boulder with a commemorative plaque or cross on it. Not a very pleasant site, but being near people that know what they are doing, surely helps.

We started around 4 am, it was pitch black and cold. Some long dark hours with sounds of heavy breathing and the rock avalanches and we reached the plateau, from now on it was only snow and ice. I looked back, the sun was rising, it was mesmerizing. Some even longer hours on the ever white trail and we were closing with small steps to the last slope. I could barely make any more steps. It became less of a physical challenge and more of a psychological challenge. Deep breaths of cold air and very small steps. I could not stop thinking how much Olesya would’ve wanted to be there with us and that thought made me keep walking.

As we were getting closer, the enthusiasm in the others, the thought of summiting, was settling in and the adrenaline kicked. As I heard the first ones exclaiming as they reached the top I felt like running the last steps! All pain was gone, all tiredness was gone and all that was left were my eyes gazing into the endless landscape of mountain peaks, scattered with snow and ice and embraced in clouds. If nobody would’ve spoke to me, I would’ve thought I was dreaming. That view will remain tattooed in my memory for a long time. We only spent 5 or 10 minutes on the summit, but the satisfaction got is forever.

We took the photo with all our countries’ flags, it was amazing and before leaving I took a deep breath… and it felt absolutely awesome to breathe at over 5.000 m with the same lungs I have went through all the 2 years of Tuberculosis treatment. You always think that the disease might come back, but in moments like this, you realize just how strong we are, as a global community, as nations, as humans, as individuals. You realize that no mountain is too high and no dream is to big. I dream of a world where no territory or belief is worth more than a human life. This dream is the mountain I invite you all to climb.

Valeriu is a visionary, photographer, wine enthusiast and CEO of the first professional wine blog in Moldova. Valeriu is also involved in volunteer work with Rotaract Moldavia and several health foundations. He is looking forward to be a piece of the solution in an international network of understanding and collaboration. No mountain is too high and no dream too big!

Valeriu Istrate (26) was one if the participants in the Black Sea Network Project. Valeriu is a visionary, photographer, wine enthusiast and CEO of the first professional wine blog in Moldova. Valeriu is also involved in volunteer work with Rotaract Moldavia and several health foundations. He is looking forward to be a piece of the solution in an international network of understanding and collaboration. No mountain is too high and no dream too big!