Acasă Expeditii Altitude Today – 5500m

Altitude Today – 5500m

Altitude Today – 5500m

Altitude today: 5500m

As some of you already know, in the basecamp the guys got together with another Romanian Alpinist – Daniel Toader, also known as “Harciogu” among friends :). They are together now, heading towards the Khan Tengri Peak.

According to the latest news, they already finished installing Camp 2 (5500m), where they spent last night. For the next 3 days they will continue the aclimatization in the BaseCamp. They are complaining a bit about the unpredictable weather but as always the attitude and the morale are good :).

Kirghystan, Tien Shan, Khan Tengri

Adi’s cold has passed but now Misha is facing some digestive issues. On top of this, last night was quite hard for the boys because of the 100km/h wind and the 1 meter of extra snow brought by the blizzard.

However, the next 3 days should bring some relaxation and give them a chance to recover.

Next stop after aclimatization – Peak Chapayev – 6371m (on the way to Khan Tengri Peak). Good luck guys!!