Acasă Expeditii Caucaz Bezengi Walkaround

Bezengi Walkaround

Bezengi Walkaround

The camp is an excellent place to relax, admire the mountain and regain your strength. We used our free day also to clean the gear and prepare it for the next ascent.

Later we went back to the tents to eat. A family of Muslims, from Nalcik, invited us to a barbecue with them. After all that dried food we had eaten, the fried lamb was perfect.

Later on, at 4:30 am, Tibi left for Turkey. He had been feeling much better, and was ready for his trip: to Soci, from there to Trabzon by ferryboat, and then to Ararat. He came home through Ankara and Istanbul and finally reached Bucharest. His trip, in a further report.

Alexei, from Sankt Petersburg, helped us with our routes for the next days. He was going home the home next morning, but his opinions from the camp were everything we needed. After the discussions, we packed everything for Tibi. We were all ready to go to the next one.

Thank you Alexei for your time!