Terms And Conditions

General Terms

All applicants must be citizens of one of the following countries: Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Turkey. Other applicants requests will not be taken into consideration.
All applicants must be of minim 18 years of age.

The program has English as main language, so the participants must have a very good level of English.

All the costs for this adventure are included.

The financing will be covered in the limit of 300 USD / person and will be deductible afterwards based on the personal invoices and bills.

All documents must be handled until 31 October 2015 to be deducted.

Main Characteristics

Caucasus Adventure event is an outdoor adventure with mountain character. The routes are unprotected and unimproved; they can be public roads and forest trails marked and unmarked, high inclination slopes and rough areas, etc.

Different segments of the routes pass through populated areas, meadows, wooded areas and cuts, alpine (ridges, steep slopes, valleys, debris, alpine meadows, juniper trees, etc.). All these require that the participant should have experience and special skills such as:

  • All participants must have at least one general experience regarding mountains.
  • All participants should be able to cover, in safety conditions, a route in an alpine area.
  • All participants should be experienced enough to cover a medium difficult alpine route
  • All participants should have a good sense of orientation in mountainous terrain, even in bad weather conditions and poor visibility. This means that each participant should be able to use a map and the information about the routes in order to reach a place in safety.
  • All participants should have basic knowledge about how to react in case of dangerous situations, which might appear in the mountains.
  • All participants should show fair play and friendship and to act accordingly when the situation requires it.
  • All participants should know and have an attitude that takes into account the fact that although the organizers take all the safety measures, they are not and will not be able to cover all the risks that result from the environment and conditions in which these evolve.
  • All participants should know and take into account the fact that no award is more important than their own health and life and the one of other participants and they should act accordingly when they feel or observe a danger.


The organizers will take care of most of the climbing equipment needed.

  • Required: Proper hiking equipment including boots, T-shirt, medical kit, map. Depending on weather conditions the required equipment may be supplemented with: rain jacket, warm clothes.
  • We recommend: gels, bars, energy drinks, mobile phone, down jacket
  • Each participant is responsible for maintenance of its own equipment during the event.

Medical / Accident Insurance

  • Each participant will be in possession of a medical certificate, valid on the project start date, stating that she/he is fit for endurance effort.
  • Each participant will have an accident insurance which will cover the participation in such a sporting / hiking event.

Stop / Withdrawal

  • The organizer reserves the right to stop a participant in the following cases:
    • was injured after the start and his condition is no longer allowing him to continue hiking.
    • in exceptional cases.
  • Any participant who doesn’t want or can’t continue the adventure for any reason must inform the organizer immediately.
  • Not announcing the withdrawal from the event can release a search and rescue operation (rescue team, mountain rescue, and helicopter) and the involved participant will support the expenses.
  • The withdrawal can be confirmed by signature on the participation sheet.
  • Any participant who retires will be helped in finding the best option to withdraw, but it is responsible for his/her own transportation, the route that he will use and subsequent actions after withdrawing. An exception will make those cases which are serious and do not allow any movement by its own means.

Nature Conservation

Adventure Diplomacy events are held in some of the most beautiful mountain regions in the world. Leaving bottles, packaging, spare parts, equipment or rubbish along the routes and / or deliberate destruction of the environment will entail penalties and fees and the participant will not be accepted anymore to register in Adventure Diplomacy events.

Other Rules

  • Tour route is not closed to other users (cars, vehicles, pedestrians, tourists, animals and others). This entails that the participants must observe and obey the traffic rules imposed by law. Any accident caused by a participant occurred during the event and by violating the traffic rules shall be the responsibility of the person involved in the accident.
  • The organizer reserves the right to test any participant for doping and/or use of any illegal substances or procedures. Positive results will lead to penalties.
  • The route is unprotected, so there is a risk of injury and/or death due to the threats common to outdoor hikings. These include and are not limited to: collision with vehicles, other vehicles, stones, rocks, trees, people and other objects, falls, slips, injuries caused by cold and/or heat, hypothermia, heatstroke, dehydration, frostbites, burns, altitude sickness, hail, snow avalanches, rock and/or soil, floods, storms, lightning, animals, reptiles, insects, fire, drowning, physical exercise.

By signing up and participating to the adventure, each participant confirms having read, understood and accepted the terms of participation, assumes the risks of participating at the Caucasus Adventure Project. She/he is responsible for her/his actions which should take into account relevant circumstances such as changing weather, traffic, weather and area conditions, equipment she/he use.

The final version of the present rules will be presented before the start of the adventure at the technical meeting.

Updated on the 30th of August 2015