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Day 4: Outstanding team

Day 4: Outstanding team

The more time we spend on this mountain, the more we understand the value of friendship and cooperation. We learn to look beyond the daily things and really see people underneath their masks. We have reached amazing heights today, together, and we are very proud. All 16 of us have gone to more than 4.100 meters which is way more than we could’ve ever wished for.

Some of us are going to try for the summit tomorrow. This was the plan all along. Get everyone together as high as possible and then support the most experienced climbers to reach for the top. It’s still teamwork and dedication, as we need good support in our camp as well. It is getting colder and the weather is supposed to change in the following hours, but we are optimistic.

We used day 4 for a really nice exercise involving everyone: ice climbing techniques. They were all very excited to learn all this and we are happy to see them make small interesting discoveries everyday.

 Keep your thoughts positive as we head out at 3 AM tomorrow morning. Peak, here we come!