Acasă Expeditii Caucaz Mount Elbrus Summit – 5642m

Mount Elbrus Summit – 5642m

Mount Elbrus Summit – 5642m

Mount Elbrus – Summit Morning – 2009.08.10

Climbers usually leave Priut or Garabashi first time in the morning, at about 1-2 am. Our day started at 3:30. Sleeping at 5000m gave us the opportunity to leave at about 4 am, and still climb very fast. Our bodies were much more in shape, acclimatized by the 2 days at high altitude. Tibi still didn’t feel excellent, but he was eager to climb it. As the sky was full of stars we knew the weather would remain very good that day.
Tibi was already at least 30 minutes behind, and we couldn’t stay to wait for him there. It was cold, and Lucian couldn’t feel 3 of his toes. We had to climb fast to the summit, to bath in the hot sun up there.