Home Articles The Caucasus adventure: 16 young leaders team up at over 3000 metres

The Caucasus adventure: 16 young leaders team up at over 3000 metres

The Caucasus adventure: 16 young leaders team up at over 3000 metres

Romania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldavia, Turkey and Ukraine are the 8 countries represented in the Black Sea Network Project. 16 young leaders coming from these countries will climb up to 3.000 meters in the Caucasus Mountains. Their objective: learn how to communicate, cooperate and find innovative solutions when facing an adventurous situation.

The Black Sea Network Project is the most recent mountaineering and diplomatic project, created and coordinated by Adventure Diplomacy. It will take place between 16th and 23rd October 2015 in Georgia with Kazbegi (100 km away from Tbilisi) as departing point.

Romanian and foreign officials and media representatives’ attended the launch event held in Bucharest and expressed interest in the diplomatic future in the Black Sea region and young leaders’ involvement.

„Black Sea Network Project” is the equivalent of a trip amongst different cultures and communication ways, geographical exploration and it helps participants test their diplomatic abilities in a young, promising context. The ones selected for the project are united by their willingness to contribute to the foundations of modern leadership. They are not experienced mountaineers, but are well aware that harsher conditions are needed in order to experiment being a leader and compromising in difficult events, so that in the end they will be able to make the right decisions for their teams.

The 16 selected young leaders represents their country’s values and promotes their own beliefs in terms of leadership and efficient communication.

The project is supported by the Black Sea Trust, part of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Starting October 16th their adventures will be broadcast on the website and dedicated Facebook page, with constant updates and media. Be sure to follow their expedition and transformation along the way!