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The Hardest Decision


Hardest decision so far Crazy weather this year on the Khan Tengri and Chapayev Peaks. Adi and Dani left Camp 3 (5900m) at 4am this morning towards the Khan Tengri Peak (7010m). When they got to 6400m the local guides closed the mountain. There is so much snow and the wind is so powerful that going further would be way too dangerous. They had to come back to Camp 3, tired after the climb, where they now have to make a decision. The small window of 3 days of no blizzards and good weather is closing today. Starting of tonight it will start snowing again, the temperatures go down, the wind gets more intense. Even more, the way from Camp 3 to Camp 2 is a climb to 6371m (Chapayev Peak) before they will be able to descend back towards the Basecamp. From the 2 peaks the guys had in plan this year they have already succeded in doing one, but for the second one, the weather doesn’t seem to create any window of possibility. Even though it is a very hard decision to make, we are sure Adi and Dani will make the right one and hopefully we will have good news soon…