Home Expeditions The expedition team reached Anchorage, Alaska!

The expedition team reached Anchorage, Alaska!

The expedition team reached Anchorage, Alaska!

Expeditia McKinley In Achorage Alaska

After a long journey, full of adventures, with superb views seasoned with many flight hours, eight airport checks, interviews on entering the US territory and a few difficulties on authentication wi-fi networks, the three members of the expedition Dan Caba, Cristian Niculescu Ţâgârlaş and Tiberiu- Nicolae Pintilie arrived safely in Anchorage Alaska.

The view is spectacular.

This night is fabulous, especially since we are dealing with the phenomenon of civil twilight throughout the night. Sunlight touching, in this period, only the upper atmosphere, where it refract and diffuse the light.

The night is only 4 hours long, it is a phenomenon to which the 3 climbers will have to adapt quickly.

In the lower left corner, of the article picture, you have a sublime image of the full moon over downtown Anchorage Alaska made by Marc Lester, Daily News photo journalist.

The day in Anchorage has almost 19 hours, enough time for final preparations before leaving to Talkeetna.
From there the expedition starts with flying on the glacier.