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Camp 1 – 4750m


CAMP 1 (4750m) After a couple of eventful days we are back with updates… This week, Adi Rusu experienced first hand what it means to get medical treatment in Kyrgyzstan. Fortunately, he is now safe, back home and he will recover soon completely. The last day he spent in the basecamp with the guys it snowed 40cm. Snowing did not stop yet, but the forecasts predict tomorrow should be the last day, then the weather should be kinder to our boys :). This will allow Dani to re-join Adi Fako and Misha with the first helicopter flight up the mountain as he descended in Karkara together with Adi Rusu 3 days ago. At higher grounds, Adi Fako and Misha already prepared the tents in Camp 1 (4750m) and spent last night there. Even though Adi Fako was as well a bit sick he is better each day. They did complain about the really salty food, but the guys liked the base camp (4200m)… Adi Fako said it is one of the best ones yet :). The morale is good. The guys are taking it step by step getting prepared for higher and higher altitude. Fresh snow means a higher risk of avalanches so they will have to wait for a few days before heading upwards, which will also give Dani a chance to get his body accustomed with the altitude in Camp 1. Adi Rusu said even the locals told him this is one of coldest, snowiest years Kyrgyzstan has seen yet… so we hope our boys will feel better the next days and that the weather will allow them to reach the summit. Starting with Camp 2 (5400m) the satellite signal should be better and the guys should be able to tell us more themselves :).