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We landed in Kyrgyzstan at 5:30, local hour, after a very nice flight with Turkish Airlines. Although we didn’t manage to sleep much, we have eaten well and we’re all feeling good.

From here a van is taking us towards Karkara today. The translator was present only at the airport and now we’re stuck for 6-8 hours with a driver that doesn’t understand English or us at all and we don’t understand anything from him either…

The joys of traveling with an agency and not being able to pick your own driver or to spend how much time you would want buying things in the bazaar. However, the Mercedes Sprinter we’re travelling with does have enough space for us and all our bags and we did manage to buy everything we needed.

Today we will have partial GSM signal and starting with Karkara we’ll need to find a satelit solution to at least let you know that we are ok. This means that you’ll have to wait for the pictures, the movies and the story details until we’ll be back in civilization :)… in just a few days…