Home Expeditions Established Camp2 at Motorcycle Hill

Established Camp2 at Motorcycle Hill

Established Camp2 at Motorcycle Hill
Motorcycle Hill Camp2(3352m - 11000ft)
Motorcycle Hill Camp2(3352m - 11000ft)
Locatie curenta – Motorcycle Hill Camp 2 (3352m – 11000ft)

June 16, 2015 – After a heavy day , each with 50kg after them , starting from the Ski Hill Camp1 (about 2.438m – 7.998ft ) they reached Motorcycle Hill.

After walking 7h they climbed Motorcycle Hill and arrived smoothly at around 3.352m ( 11.000ft ) altitude where they set Camp2 .

Initially it was planned an intermediate camp at approximately 2895m ( 9498ft ) altitude , it seems they passed it ” like the wind ”

June 17, 2015 – Rest Day

June 18, 2015 – Today team members will try to take some of the bags to Camp3 (about 4389m – 14399ft ) all depends on the weather.


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